It's a W.R.A.P.

Web reel automated publishing

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At the beginning, there is always something to show. The director's reel, reference movies clips, locations, casting... How about making a website for each project by a simple drag and drop? Even better: by a simple phone call?

We have been making "web reels" for years, with standard web design software as well, with expansive video hosting solutions and with complicated processes. And it bring us to simple conclusions.

  • It has to be simple
  • It has to be quick
  • It has to be flexible

We developed our dedicated publishing platform, with one main objective: ultra-simplified process, to allow ultra-quick reactivity. Give us a collection of movies, and the page is on-line. Changes are done in minutes.

Your own wrapping paper

Automated process does not mean boring design. Of course, we have generic, neutral designs available for fast on-demand publishing. But you're likely to come back later, so we make a brillant design, respecting your corporate identity, your company look and feel or your own mind. And every further publishing, as fast or small as it is, it will be wrapped in your design.

No unpacking

No ads, no disturbing functionalties. No complicated interface. No software. Just the medias you have to show

The "casting" case

So, a full day of auditions is done, it's in the box. Who will manage the video editing for presentations to production, agency and client? We do.

  1. Casting director transmits us the memory card.
    We launch immediately the conversion process and online publishing.
  2. In the following minutes, the first sequences are viewable and downloadable individually, online.
    We send a mail to concerned people with the address of the page where they can start watching.
  3. When all videos are processed, we check online files and make a zip file to allow one-click download of the full casting.
  4. We send a second mail to notify the casting is complete.

Video compression is optimised to allow online watching, while preserving quite sufficient quality for full screen watching.

We developed processing software which allow us to provide this service far faster than any video editing method.

Casting is usually fully available within 2 à 3 hours after the auditions are finished (depending of their length of course).

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