22 years experience in infography, 19 in internet and web design and 12 in movies... That should make the perfect companion for your next movie shooting.
For example:

  • managing the content of a wide range of displays, from computer terminal to security camera monitors, medical equipments or mobile phones.
  • video pre-editing, on-set editing and digital image processing
  • "W.R.A.P.": tools developed specially for same-day publishing of castings

Managing the content of displays on set gives the advantage of a simplier editing (less post-production) and more options during shootings (no need to worry if the display is or not in the image when choosing point of view).

This includes searches on the internet or any kind of computer interaction. These can be pre-programmed or remotely handled to ease the actor's play.
And this also (and mostly) includes any special, unusual needs.

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